Environmental Damage of Landfills

Topics: Recycling, Pollution, Landfill Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: March 28, 2007
Dangerous Trash
Landfills in today's society are our cheapest solution to ridding the land of everyday waste. Although, this is a convenient alternative to waste solution, it does provide substantial dangers to our environment and health. One of the greatest dangers we face today is the groundwater pollution from lacheates. While they are supposed to protect humans from harmful toxins, but these protective barriers only delay the inevitable due to natural deterioration. The problem with landfills lacheates is the leakage of many toxins. Since landfills are usually built near large bodies of water, this pollution often goes undetected. Frequent seeping of metals and organic compounds submerge themselves into the ground and into our drinking water, making it impossible to detect with the incursion of river water and landfill toxins merging together in groundwater. This potential of leaking groundwater pollution increases everyday due to many factors. For example, the every hour increase in our population is a major factor that exacerbates pollution, adding more waste and wasting more land to find a place for our trash. Furthermore, over population contributes to massive amounts of common household waste which includes plastic, glass, paper, and cans, all of which can be recycled. Another cause of the overuse of landfills is our society's lack of recycling. As we know, recycling is a brilliant way of saving trash, land, and the ozone. All of these are harmful causes to the environment and humans. The final major cause associated with the environment is trash itself. Trash should be made more biodegradable. If products are made of more biodegradable material, such as the plastic, they will disintegrate faster if thrown away or reused if recycled. Overtime many problems arise from unassisted prevention of causes such as groundwater pollution to the environment. The problems that will arise from the leakage of lacheates are the collection of toxins in...
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