Environmental Crisis

Topics: Natural environment, Paul R. Ehrlich, Environmentalism Pages: 1 (270 words) Published: September 25, 2008
Environmental crisis in Florida
Environmental crisis in developing world where growing populations poverty, uncontrollable ecosystems is a potential thread dispowered citizens by modernizations. Some of us still today believe that researchers are exaggerated, and environmental changes is a complex, and some still wonders about about how far our assumption will take us. Some just sit, and wonders how short have we fallen of the eco-revolution what is remains to be done how will we really be able to reverse the process of environmental abuse. We are being over populated people are coming from all over the world from all walk of life to come to Florida experts believes that Florida is a state of refugees, and some of the people who moves in to state doesn’t think that they should play any part making the environment a better place, they also don’t understand how human activities affects the environment, and why we should care. In general to save our environment we all need a general work on the environmental crisis and the need for combinations of local action, and international cooperation.

Reference and Citation
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