Environmental Awareness

Topics: Waste, Environmentalism, Natural environment Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: September 3, 2010
Environmental Seminar for Freshmen PUPians as part of NSTP
“If man is the problem, man is the solution.” A very interesting thought to ponder from a very informative seminar supervised and facilitated by the Transformation Advocates through Purpose-Driven and Noble Objectives Towards Community Holism (TAPNOTCH) headed by its president, Ms. Sarrah Jane B. Cea together with the active officers of the organization. As part of the their mission, TAPNOTCH have started doing thing for the better of the school and its recent offer was the first-ever Environmental Seminar which was conducted from January 9, 2010 to January 16, 2010 in PUP Campus, AVR.

The seminar was conducted in connection to and as part of the freshmen PUPians’ National Service Training Program (NSTP). There were discussions about the different kinds of pollution, especially water and air pollution, and the principles for proper composting of numerous wastes. Also, existing amendments such as the Republic Act No. 9512: An Act to Promote Environmental Awareness Through Environmental Education and the Republic Act No. 9003: An Act Providing for An Ecological Solid Waste Management Program were seriously tackled to present the students certain perspectives dealing with the programs and developments the government regulated and implemented for years until now.

On the other hand, students were settled yet ecstatic when shocking truths about water consumption were revealed. Have you known that you probably use 153 liters of water in a day? Well, it was a surprise to hear such, such things that you never knew before.

Another subject, which was given a much more focus, was the Solid Waste Management. Since then, this program had been deliberately initiated in schools and even universities but it seems that it tends to be disobeyed and ignored at most times. As a response to this, TAPNOTCH planned to personally meet and acquaint the students about the said matter via this...
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