Environmental and global health issues

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Environmental and Global Health Issues
Measles Outbreak and Indicators
In the year 2000 measles was considered eliminated in the United States, which means it is no longer a prevalent disease in this country. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approximately 60 people each year are diagnosed with the measles. However, this year, in 2013 there were 159 cases reported from January to August. ” This is the second largest number of cases in the U.S. since measles was eliminated in 2000.” (“Centers for Disease Control,” 2013) In ¼ of these cases, the person infected with measles contracted the disease while traveling to other countries.

This year one case of measles lead to one of the largest outbreaks since 1996. “On March 13, 2013, an intentionally unvaccinated adolescent aged 17 years returned to New York City from London, United Kingdom, while infectious with measles.” (Arciuolo et al., 2013) According to Arcuiolo et al., 2013, the outbreaks were contained within two neighborhoods in Brooklyn, both Jewish orthodox communities. In over half of the cases the person was infected by a family member. 21% of the cases were in infants younger than 12 months, in which case they were too young to receive the vaccination. The rest of the people infected refused to receive their vaccinations. The outbreak lasted approximately 3 months and due to the high percentage of vaccinations among the rest of the community, the spread of the disease was limited. Data

The number one risk factor for contracting measles is lack of immunizations. In all cases immunizations were either refused or delayed. People at highest risk are people who are not immunized with the MMR vaccination and are traveling to another country. When traveling to other countries, it is extremely important to have up to date immunizations. People are also at high risk if they have non-immunized family members who travel and they themselves are not immunized either....

References: Arciuolo, R., Brantley, T., Asfaw, M., Jablonski, R., Fu, J., Giancotti, F., Rosen, J., Zucker, J. (2013) Notes from the field: measles outbreak among members of a religious community — brooklyn, new york, march–june 2013. Retrieved from http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/
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