Environment Studies

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1.Define the importance of Environmental Studies.
Environment is derived from the French word Environ which means to encircle or surround. ENVIRONMENT is sum total of water, air, and land, inter-relationships among themselves and also with the human beings, other living organisms and property. The above definition given in Environment Act, 1986 clearly indicates that environment includes all the physical and biological surroundings and their interactions. ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES: It is multidisciplinary in nature covering chemistry, physics, biology, geography, mathematics, statistics, medicine, and engineering and making use of this for saving the environment for long time utilization.

Scope of environmental science is broad and they are:
1.Environmental Studies is interdisciplinary in nature and needs inputs in Chemistry, Life sciences, Agriculture, Medical sciences, engineering 2.Environmental Studies deals with the complex relationships that exist in our natural environment among people, animals, other organism water, air, soil, trees, the ocean and studying the interrelationships among biotic and abiotic components for sustainable human ecosystem. 3.Environmental Studies deals with the conservation, biodiversity, sustainable development, water management, air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, noise pollution 4.Carrying out impact analysis and environmental auditing for the further catastrophic activities, 5.Developing and curbing the pollution from existing and new industries, 6.Stopping the use of biological and nuclear weapons for destruction of human race, 7.Managing the unpredictable disasters and so on.

Importance of Environmental Studies
There are some major issues like global warming, depletion of ozone layer, depleting forests and energy resources, loss of global biodiversity etc., that are going to affect the mankind as a whole and for that we have to think globally. 1.Maintenance of environmental quality

2.Balancing the ecosystem
3.To restrict and regulate the exploitation of natural resources 4.To renovate, recycle and reuse waste material
5.To adopt engineered technology without creating negative effect on environment 6.To promote environmental education and training among people to control overpopulation and overconsumption of natural resources 7.To formulate laws and regulation to control pollution and population 8.To focus on current environment issues: acid rain, Ozone hole, Global warming, Climate change etc. 2.What is the impact of growing population on environment?

For an area to be considered overpopulated; its population reaches a point where it can't be maintained without rapidly depleting non-renewable resources (or converting renewable resources into non-renewable ones) and without degrading the capacity of the environment to support the population. In short, if its current human occupants are clearly degrading the long-term carrying capacity of an area, then that area is overpopulated. Consequently, some of the effects of overpopulation on natural resources include soils being damaged and forests being rapidly depleted, thus affecting natural processes such as photosynthesis, the nitrogen cycle, and a constant food source. In addition, the depletion of water resources and extensive contribution to CO2 build-up in the atmosphere (pollution and deforestation) is vastly due to rich nations, which exponentially add to the negative impacts of overpopulation and lack of resources not only nationally, but also worldwide, as it does not only depend on their native stocks of resources, but the outsourcing to other nations for their specialized products. Furthermore, advancements in technology and demand by such countries has increased the number of people in rich nations, which in response has come with environmental prices such as soil erosion, desertification, acid rain, global warming, destruction of the ozone...
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