Environment Problem Concerning on Climate Change

Topics: Global warming, Pollution, Air pollution Pages: 3 (1047 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Climate Change

With the development of the world, the environmental problems that include pollutions and wastes are increasing and more serious. A well-known example is that climate change which has a huge threaten to the world becomes one of the most important global issues of the 21st century. Another example is that the air pollution is more and more serious, which strongly affects people’ health. Besides of that the environmental problems are harm to the health of people; the problems will prevent the economy from developing. A number of actions have been taken on environmental issues to decline the effects, but the issues remain existed, even more serious, especially in less-development countries. This essay focuses on the reasons why are governments becoming increasingly concerned about environmental problems.

Climate change is the most popular environmental problem throughout the world. The reasons of climate change include natural events and human activities. With regard to natural events, the tiny particles from volcanic eruptions block sunlight, which makes the surface cool for several years. Human activities mainly cause greenhouse effect. The reason of greenhouse effect is that the greenhouse gases are increasing, especially the carbon dioxide which has risen by 30% during last 200 years. And the increasing of greenhouse gases result from burning coal, oil and natural gas. As is known to all, climate change mainly incarnates in global warming. The research showed that the temperature went up by 0.6°C throughout the 20th century. And 1990s were the hottest decade during this century. Of these, it is reported that 1998, 2000 and 2002 were the hottest years on the record. It expects that the temperature will increase 1-3.5°C by 2100. Global warming also makes the sea level rising. For example, the sea level is likely to rise two feet along most of U.S. coasts. With global warming, the ice sheet, such as the Antarctic which also cause the sea...
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