Environment Issues in Accommodation

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Best Environmental Practices for the Hotel Industry

Best Environmental Practices for the Hotel Industry

The tourism industry keeps growing. Worldwide tourist arrivals in foreign countries have increased by 6.5% yearly since 1950 reaching nearly 900 million arrivals in 2007. Nowadays, tourism represents 35% of the world’s exports of services and over 70% in some developing countries. However, this growth often comes with unsustainable consumption practices endangering ecosystems and natural resources. There is hence a need for greener hotels that are at the heart of the tourism industry. Hotel guests are more conscious of environmental problems and have started to consider the environment in their accommodation choice. This is also becoming valid for luxury hotels. The development of eco-labels is thus helping tourists in their choice. Without cutting on clients’ comfort, many efforts can be made in the backstage by the hotel management industry through the application of best available practices and technological innovations. The hotel industry is now conscious of this new trend and has set policies in this respect. This Guide is designed to be a practical tool for daily implementation. It fills the gap between commitments to sustainable development and the undertaking of concrete measures. By suggesting eco-efficiency practices and providing easy-to-implement tools, the Guide will enable hotel management to handle the environmental aspects related to its business. Additionally, the Guide involves hotel staff as key greening actors and provides a good basis for integrated environmental management systems. In a few years, it is certain that environmental protection will become a legal obligation for hotels. Let’s be proactive and start from this moment on! Those who act first will be able to anticipate the law and will acquire a competitive advantage. It is time for the hotel industry to accept its environmental responsibilities to reduce the environmental impact of international tourism.

M. Ruud J. Reuland General Director | Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

Best Environmental Practices for the Hotel Industry


Best Environmental Practices La Bonne Gestion d’Entreprise for the Hotel Industry

GlOSSARY I. CONTEXT AND INTRODUCTION II. CONCEPT OF BEST ENVIRONMENTAl PRACTICES IN THE HOTEl INDUSTRY III. IMPlEMENTATION OF BEP 1. The Checklists | presentation and use 2. The Checklists | environmental domains 2.1. Water | management and rationalisation 2.2. Energy | efficiency and economy 2.3. Wastes | valorisation and recycling 2.4. Purchasing policy | ecological aspects 2.5. Logistics | efficient handling and management 2.6. Noise, air quality and landscape integration IV. DETAIlED ENVIRONMENTAl ASSESSMENT V. DECISION-MAKING AND CORRECTIVE MEASURES 1. Economic return of corrective measures 2. Action plan VI. IMPROVEMENT, TRAINING AND PERSPECTIVES 1. Strenghtening and countinuous improvement 2. Following up and upholding the corrective measures 3. Awareness raising and staff training 4. Guest involvement and external communication 5. Perspectives VII. BIBlIOGRAPHY 3 5 6 7 7 9 9 12 17 23 27 29 36 45 45 47 48 48 48 48 49 49 50

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Best Environmental Practices for the Hotel Industry La Bonne Gestion d’Entreprise

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Best Environmental Practices La Bonne Gestion d’Entreprise for the Hotel Industry

Action Plan Checklist
A detailed plan identifying corrective actions, means, responsibilities, resources, and the time frame necessary for their implementation. A list of actions that can be implemented to meet an enterprise’s environmental challenges in targeted domains (water, energy, wastes, etc.). It is not claimed that the list is exhaustive. It functions as an aide-mémoire. Cleaner production is the adoption by an enterprise of production practices and technologies that respect the environment and that...
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