environment issues are too complex for individuals to solve.

Topics: Endangered species, Pollution, Environmentalism Pages: 3 (545 words) Published: April 24, 2014
Agree or disagree, environment issues are too complex for individuals to solve.

I do not have to understate the importance of being concerned with environment issues. Today words like sustainability and environmental-friendly development are broadcast again and again all world televisions and Internet, which aims at raising awareness of every individual to figure out something to protect the environment we live in. It is conspicuous that all these measures did not make big changes as the environment is still deteriorating. So I am in complete conviction that an individual cannot solve environment issues. These issues are turning increasingly perplexing as a variety of damages occurred in the past decades. First, air pollution problems have come to a point where they are out of control, so it is time that the government utilize its steer authority and power to eliminate them. “ HELL is a city like London, a populous and smoky city” wrote Shelley in 1819, but it is a description that would suit most Chinese cities today. Take Beijing for example, the muck that spews from Chinese factories most immediately affects those unlucky to live nearby. It is reported that the air of Beijing hit a level of toxicity 40 times above what the WHO deems safe. People estimated that in the northern half of this country air pollution lops almost five and a half years from the average life. Weeks ago, the same situation also happened in Harbin, LanZhou, etc. What can an individual do to solve it with factories, like auto-makers and dye exhaust pouring constantly into the air? Only by shutting down parts of those factories and plant more trees can we reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide outdoor. It is clear that individuals have no access to shutting down factories or strength plenty of trees. Second, the number of endangered species is soaring constantly during the past decades. People hunt endanger species either for flash or their fur and tusk, which...
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