Environment, Health And Safety Risk

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Environment, Health And Safety Risk
Brief Summary of Article
The Liberian flagged Rena ship containing 47tonnes of oil that got grounded in a reef and leaked oil into the New Zealand’s pristine bay, causing environmental damage. This was because to the ship ran aground on the astrolabe reef. An estimate of about 30tonnes of oil was said to have spilled with the possibility of about 1,700tonnes leaking into the ocean if the Rena is wrecked. It was also reported that the maritime authorities have also started to treat and rescue the wildlife within the area as they are being threatened. This incident could result in terrible consequences like wiping out the wide life and destroying the indigenous community that depends on the environment to survive. The hazardous effect of the spillage, if proper plans are not made to curtail it would be very enormous. Personal Commentary

Langford(2004) , highlights the importance of managing uncertainty that are inherent in most projects or activities, pointing out that simply focusing on a projects success without having a backup plan for these uncertainties for instance, health safety and environmental risk, could be very disastrous. Most activities of human beings results in the production of abundant waste which are biological, chemical, radioactive, and nuclear or oil and they give rise to two major problems. The first is the process of producing these waste and the other, theproblem of proper disposal, to make sure that it reduces the negative impact on the environment, taking into cognisance health and safety( Banister,1997). Oil spillage and leakage is a major issue bothering on the transportation of oil across oceans, the sighting of coastal refineries, deep waterports, oil terminals and even offshore lands for exploration and development, thus the use of risk assessment to estimate the possibility of damage that could occur in the process and it’s likely impact on the immediate environment,...

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