Environment and Adidas

Topics: Environment, Stella McCartney, Adidas Pages: 3 (520 words) Published: December 3, 2012
environmental protection laws
• waste disposal
• energy consumption
• other resource consumption
• sustainability
Legal influences:

• welfare legislation
• employment law
• health and safety
• consumer protection
Adidas policy is to control and monitor hazardous substance to protect human healthand environment one of those is to eliminate PVC making progress in findingsubstitutes like polyurethane, ethyl vinyl, silicones thermoplastic rubber. Adidas also provide training sessions on employment standards and HR systems, health and safetyis important for the company. Establishing teams to manage and monitor SARS inAsia factory, washing stations, disinfectant units. Finally Adidas protects and supports the rights of its employees by following all the current employment laws. Economical

As a multinational company adidas helps countries to decrease unemployment byincreasing every year the number of employees. The Industrial Production GrowthRate in Germany was 1% in 2001-3, 2004 become 1.7%. Adidas is a reason of thisincrease Because of the big sponsorship in 2004 Olympic Games. As exporting toEurope is not too expensive as it was before, Europe since 2002 has own money(euro) and the borders are not so tight. Labor salary is high in Germany and France but not so expensive in China (Suzhou). This is the reason that most of factorieslocated in Asia. Social

Adidas products declare in any raise, age, religion, and lifestyle, always in fashionwith special design in any of product. Focus in people who like sports and athletes,almost everybody can purchase adidas products. Technology

Adidas join into technology by make up the world?s first ?smart shoe?, adding amicrochip inside the shoe and wireless mp3 player. Also using hot melt system of the production that is environmentally safe, using heat-activated adhesives. The packaging...
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