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Thisdocumentisnotmeanttobeasubstituteforaformallaboratoryreport.TheLabReport Assistantissimplyasummaryoftheexperiment’squestions,diagramsifneeded,anddatatables thatshouldbeaddressedinaformallabreport.Theintentistofacilitatestudent’swritingoflab reports by providing this information in an editable file which can be sent to an instructor


|Data Table 1: Getting to know your ecoregion | |Physical Location: |Kentucky, Kentucky state, United States | |Town, Province or State, Country | | |Domain Number Province Number Province Description |1, 1 | | |Province is found in the prairie region or grassland region | | |Annual precipitation=1200mm | | |Month of highest precipitation: February | | |Month of lowest precipitation: August | | |Average Annual Temperature: 27 | | |Annual high, month of occurrence: August | | |Annual low, month of occurrence: February | |Describe the climate. |Average wind speed: | | |Month with most wind, direction: February | | |Month with least wind, direction: August | | |Other climate factors of importance:10 mph | |Describe the natural vegetation types. |The region is covered extensively by grass. There are a few patches of | | |wooden vegetation. | |Describe the climax vegetative(flora) |The climax vegetation is the extensive cover of grass. | |species1. | | |Describe the fauna (animals). |The animals present include both carnivorous and herbivorous mammals and | | |birds | |Describe the migrating birds that use the area during parts of|The Quelea guelea migrate into the area during the wheat harvesting season | |the year. | |

Exercise 1:ClassifyYourHabitat

A. Were you able to locate any of the species of flora and fauna that were listed inTable1?If so, in what type of setting ?Describe the activity of the...
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