Enviromental Isses

Topics: Sustainability, Environmental impact assessment, Environmental law Pages: 96 (32226 words) Published: September 19, 2013
Welcome to this course on environmental issues in project planning and management. This course has been prepared to introduce you to the environmental issues in project planning and management. The course has been designed to cover nine major areas which include: General principles of environment; Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Environment and development, Environmental Education; population and environment; global Environmental Conservation issues; Energy conservation and environment; Climate change and ozone loss; management and conservation of natural resources. These topics have been dealt with in different lectures of this module starting from lecture one upto lecture nine.

In this course unit your academic performance will be assessed as follows: 1.Take away assignments ( Term papers)
2.Timed tests ( CATS- one hour )
3.Final Examinations ( Three hours)

Take away and timed tests constitute course work which comes to thirty percent (30 %) of the total marks, while the final examination constitutes seventy percent (70 %) of the total marks. General Objectives

At the end of this course unit you should be able to:
1.Explain the meaning of Environment, ecology and
ecosystem as applied in project planning and management.
2.Describe the role of Environmental Impact Assessment within projects in Kenya. 3.Underline the historical development of environmental education 4.Explain the relationship between environment, development and population growth. State the socio-economic benefits of environmental conservation and issues of global peace


Lecture Outline
1.1 Introduction
1. 2 Objectives
1.3 Meaning and definition
1.4 Principles of environmental management
1.5 Environment and sustainable development
1.6 Ecology and ecosystems- food chain and webs and energy transfer. 1.7 Environmental resources and their classifications- essential consideration in environmental planning and management. 1.8 Summary

1.9 References

1.1 Introduction
This lecture has been designed to equip you with the necessary skills on the environmental things that surround you and on how to manage them well. It will cover the following critical areas: Meaning environment, principles governing the management of environment, Ecology and Ecosystems and Environmental Resources and their classifications 1.2 Objectives

At the end of this lecture, you should be able to:
1. Define the term Environment
2.Understand the basic principles of environmental management. 3.Explain the relationship between environment and sustainable development 4.Describe ecology and ecosystems as applied in environmental management 5.Identify environmental resources within Kenya and their classification 1.3 Meaning of Environment

The study of environment management is, in many cases about man and the things that surround him that is the study of living and non- living things. The subject of environmental management frequently arouses suspicion among politicians and economists especially in the developing countries and Kenya is no exception.

Some groups of people within our communities have a tendency of feeling that the subject of environment is a concern for the rich and the educated class. The politicians on the other hand believe that this is about denying them their political space in the community and hence tend to oppose it unnecessarily.

In this lecture unit therefore the writers have tried to explain the meaning of the concept of environment, the main principles governing environmental programs and activities and the benefits of managing the environment. This is indented make all people including you to appreciate the need for supporting various efforts being made to make our environment safer and friendly without compromising development and growth.

The word environment is...
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