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Topics: Prison, Crime, Recidivism Pages: 3 (936 words) Published: July 1, 2013
Political Environment Case

Sherice Johnson


April 15, 2013
William Radtke

Political Environment Case

When someone new becomes in charge of an existing organization things do not always go as the new individual had imagined. Being the new kid on the block means you have to make a name for yourself and prove to everyone you deserve to be there. This is what has happen in my prison a new governor has been elected and he wants to discontinue all my rehabilitation programs that have not only been beneficial to the inmates but also the victim.

Would you just capitulate and end some or all of these programs? I would respond to the governor’s request to dismantle the programs in a professional manner by sending him a list of the pros and cons of how the programs are working. I would not automatically end any of my programs just because the new governor does not believe that the inmates should have a chance a bettering his or herself with the help of the state.  I would tell him that before he just shuts the programs down completely he should talk to some of the inmates the programs have helped, the staff at the prisons and the citizens living in the areas around the prisons. I would explain my personal vies on the progress that has been made since the programs has been implemented and why I strongly believe that inmates want something worthwhile to do in prison like obtaining an education, learning a trade, and obtaining help in whatever emotional problems he or she may have. Prison should be more about rehabilitation than incarceration.

Is there any room to negotiate with the governor? As a trade-off, would you offer to put in Place some programs that are known to be tough on inmates? If so, what kind? I would not negotiation with the new governor because I feel he needs to understand how the programs worked and say to him the programs were already in place before he was elected, and they are effective...

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