Entry Strategy for dell computer

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Entry Strategy
Dell has a challenge unlike other companies because it has been in the Indian market for 10 years. It is the second most popular full line computer brand in the nation and has over 60 retail stores. The problem they face is that the need for laptops and desktops is giving way to portable tablets and phones. Dell has made its money for years on the backs of To add to the challenge the Indian Rupees currency is in a downturn which is causing inflation and driving the cost of food and other necessities to rise. (lakshami, 2013) This inflation is affecting the purchases of computer and other goods. People cannot afford essential goods such as food and medicine, businesses are holding out in hopes the Rupee will make a comeback so they can retain some of their purchasing power. (lakshami, 2013) The market entry strategy that Dell should implement is a customized strategy that utilizes the resources of Dell USA while offering a country with a troubled economy the opportunity to have access to their products. (lymbersky, 2008) Dell is a partner with Intel processors and Intel has launched a new series of processors that affect all levels of computers, these processors are known as Haswell. (shahib, 2013) Like most computer building companies Dell has a surplus of the older processors and pre-built computers, many consumers in American and Europe will not want to purchase these older units because the features of the Haswell chip is far more advanced and offers far better performance. (shahib, 2013) Like most companies Dell is suffering a loss on the old inventory because it has been paid for but is not selling. The first step of the market entry strategy is to consolidate the 60 stores down to 50; this can be achieved through a market analysis. This will consolidate Dell’s resources while helping relieve losses of the crash of the Rupee. The next step in the strategy is to offer a low cost rent to own program that will allow people in a...

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