Topics: Entropy, Life, Arrow of time Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Managing for Happily Living

Do you think everything in your life are abiding or not? Entropy is all about unstable things that always changing. According to the arrow of time, KC. Cole give the explanation for entropy that “Entropy is the natural order of things in the universe, there is event a precise measure of the amount of disorder” (Pg.221). Due to that, we can say that entropy is part of life and nature. Going forward is how entropy works. Like time only go through, newer go back and restart again. In order to learning and understanding to delay the effect of entropy in our life. Looking through daily life such as family, education, entertainment, work and etc is the basic and the easiest ways to adapt and adjust your entropy. Managing time carefully be able you to deferring your entropy in life.

The most important part in human life, many people agree that is “Family”. Dose not matter whoever you are or whatever you do, parent is the first person you contact with. Mom and dad are the first couple who taking care of us. Most of time using with family and parent. Babies used their hold period asking cared and knowledge from their parent. Husband spend amount of life taking care of his wife. Dad and mom expend all of free time taking care their kids. Noticing that the more grow up, the more time we lose. Growing up as adult have much more things to care of. Paying attention for studies, works, friends, events and lots of activities become important part of life. We have less free times to spend with our lover. Those are entropy that we have to put in our time of live. The most important goal in my hold life, managing entropy and spend time as much as possible to stay with family and take care them. “Family” is that important for you?

Education also play important role for many people. Because everyone realize that highly education is require for good career. Studying trend become more popular in the lastly of 1900s....
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