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Mary Kay Small Business Owner
“That dream was to inspire women to transform their lives, and in doing so, help other women achieve success” (Mary Kay Ash). Sara Westphal is just one of the three million independent Mary Kay beauty consultants around the world. Before Sara started her small business through Mary Kay she didn’t have any experience with running a business. She received all of her training from her higher up Ami. Ami instructed her how to get started with the business, how much product to have in stock and how to start a contact list to get out there to get clients. Sara also got some experience from going to the weekly meeting where Ami shows new consultants how to do facials and teaches everyone about the products that we show to the women that Sara sees.

Sara decided to go into the Mary Kay business for the mere fact of being able to help other women see there outer beauty and hopefully by helping them see that it will allow them to fell more confident about themselves. She also decided to do this for some that Mary Kay consultants call the “pink bubble”. This is something that you wouldn’t believe unless you saw it, no it not an actually pink bubble it is just the “family” that you get when you become a consultant. Mary Kay is a business that sells more two hundred products in more than thirty-five countries (marykay.com). Sara started her business around 6 months ago and since then she has held 60 facials with multiple women and has built a team of 6 consultants under her and to think all she had to start it was get the starter kit through Mary Kay that has all the things needed to do a facial on your first client.

Of course with starting a new business there is always struggles and problems that arise when first starting out. When Sara first started her business is was a struggle to get a contact list of people that she would potentially contact to facial. She wasn’t sure how to go about contacting these people without them feeling like all she wanted was their money. Then when she actually got started with clients she ran into another problem with her schedule. She was struggling to find time to actually get people in for facial with her other job and her school load, she was not sure if she was going to be able to keep going. She essentially overcame these struggles by talking with Ami and she was able to put things into perspective. Ami showed Sara how to make a calendar to take to all her appointment to show her clients when she was available to set up a second appointment or anything else that was needed.

Although it isn’t very expensive to start a Mary Kay business there is always the risk of starting and actually losing money because you couldn’t sell like you thought you would or you just don’t have to time you thought you had to put into the business itself. “It is a very hard to weigh the things in your life when your first starting a new business” (Sara). But the rewards have outweighed the risks in Sara’s case. She feels as if she has been able to help some women feel better about themselves and she has even helped some of her friends to be able to start their business and be able to earn a little extra money that they needed in their life to get the little things that they have been wanting. Sara said that she has learned so much about her business, she learned how much work it actually is, you have to keep track of everything you do, and even the miles that you put on your car! It’s the little thing to her that makes it tough running a business. But the one piece of advice that she would give to anyone wanting to start a small business would be to actually research everything that you need to start but not only that, you need to know what exactly you are going to need to do to keep your business running.

While interviewing Sara I actually feel as if I learned a lot about the Mary Kay business itself. Most think it is just a cosmetic line but in fact it is much more than...

References: Marykay.com
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