Entrepreneurship, Team Building and Conflict Resolution

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Entrepreneurship, Team Building and Conflict Resolution

Learning Outcomes
On completion of this chapter, the reader will:

appreciate the importance of building teams and team working to successful entrepreneurial management understand how teams are developed and the different roles people perform in teams recognize how teams are managed and the importance of self-management be aware of the way conflict can be managed in order to benefit the organization have begun to appreciate his/her own, preferred team working role(s) and conflict management style.


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Traditionally it has been held that the entrepreneur is not a good manager and that a manager is not an entrepreneur. Indeed, Galbraith (1971) has suggested that the great entrepreneur can be compared in life to the male apis mellifera. He accomplishes the act of conception, at the expense of his own extinction. As will be shown in Chapter 11, this is, indeed, often the case, but increasingly there is evidence to suggest that successful entrepreneurial ventures are headed by entrepreneurs who are also effective managers. Unlike the traditional manager, though, who focuses largely on administrative efficiency, it would seem that the effective entrepreneurial manager needs to possess skills in building an entrepreneurial culture.




Entrepreneurial influencing skills
As has been shown already, the effective entrepreneurial manager needs to be able to: q q q q q

recognize and cope with innovation take risks respond quickly cope with ‘failure’ (absorb setbacks) find chaos and uncertainty challenging and stimulating.

Additionally, he/she must be able to:
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build motivated and committed teams use consensus to manage conflict.

To do this, entrepreneurs need good interpersonal/team working skills that involve the ability to: q

create a climate and spirit conducive to high performance, including rewarding work well done and encouraging creativity, innovation, initiative and calculated risk-taking understand the relationships among tasks, and between the leader and followers lead in those situations where it is appropriate, including a willingness to manage actively, to supervise and to control the actions of others.



These interpersonal skills are normally termed ‘entrepreneurial influencing skills’ since they have to do with the way entrepreneurial managers exert influence over others. They include: leadership/vision/influence; helping, coaching and resolving conflict; and teamwork and people management. We will now look at each of these in turn.

Entrepreneurial managers are skilful at:
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clarifying confusion, ambiguity and uncertainty gaining agreement.

They do this, as was seen in Chapter 7, in a way that builds motivation and commitment, not just to parochial interests but to cross-departmental and corporate goals. In the process they demonstrate a willingness to relinquish their personal priorities and power in the interest of an overall goal. They also posses an ability to ensure that the appropriate people are included in setting cross-functional or cross-departmental goals, and in decision-making. For some more traditional managers, used to dealing with subordinates, collaborating with peers and superiors might be an uncomfortable, disturbing or confusing experience. When things do not go smoothly, the most effective entrepreneurial managers work them through to agreement.

Entrepreneurship, Team Building and Conflict Resolution


Helping, coaching and resolving conflict
The most effective entrepreneurial managers are creative and skilful in handling conflicts, generating consensus decisions and sharing their power and information. They: q q q q

are able to get people to open up and share their views get problems aired and identified acknowledge, without being defensive, the views of others are...
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