Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Topics: Economics, Entrepreneurship, Economy Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Critique on entrepreneurship in Pakistan
The topic on which am going to write a critique is “entrepreneurship in Pakistan” and been written by “Nadeem Ul Haque”. The purpose of this research topic is to explain the flaws in our Economic system the basic issue was the establishment of opportunities for entrepreneur so that economy of Pakistan can be flourished. In this research paper the writer comment on corruption that occur on primary basis and eventually become a cause of damaging society, business and the economy through “RENT SEEKING”. after that writer explain the concept of rent seeking as “ manipulating economic resources for profit rather than using their own ideas “ this concept clear the main point that why there are less opportunities for business men and risk takers as the whole economy and the business circle is revolve around some persons. Entrepreneurship is viewed by economist to define a combination of innovation and risk taking when economic resources are manipulating opportunities of the society becomes a source of growth, employment as well as opportunities for all segment of society. In Pakistan innovation and risk taking is not encouraged because of government involvement in market place. Main focus of this research paper is at the early days of planning when protection and subsidiary policies determined winners in market place. Entrepreneurship has been diverted to seeking government favours. As government policies seek to promote growth through mercantilist approach where local buyers and sellers ran their market are seriously neglect. Another important issue that argue by the writer is land distribution and city zoning and management that have evolved to further reinforce the prevalent rent seeking path to success in the result cities are designed not allowed to be a cluster of buying and selling that will be entrepreneurship friendly. As joseph Schumpeter, the most important pioneer in the area of critical link between...
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