Entrepreneurship Climate Analysis

Topics: Innovation, Health care, Idea Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Entrepreneurship Climate Analysis
Angela Andresen
Dr. William Woods

Entrepreneurship Climate Analysis

a. How well do new ideas arise and to what extent are they considered and implemented? New ideas or processes are being introduced daily at Mercy Medical Center. Health Care is an ever-changing field of study. In every department we are encouraged to share our ideas of how to improve our processes and help improve they way we do things so we can be accurate in collecting the data needed to ensure safety for our patients and financial recoupment for the organization. b. What is the organizations overall attitude toward innovation and change? At Mercy change and innovation are welcomed. In order to best serve our community we need to be up to date on technology to be able to provide the best care possible for those we serve. With new technology come new processes and the way we do things. Because of this we have Lean teams who research the process flows we use in each department to ensure proper care is given to each patient. c. Based on your findings, what recommendations would you make to your organizations leadership to increase an environment of creativity and innovation? I feel Mercy is already creating an environment of creativity and innovation. I would recommend more involvement from the employee to be invited to work with the Lean team to help create the process improvement. Currently once an idea is shared is it is then given to the lean team to work with it to see if it can be incorporated into the process or if the process needs to be completely reworked. d. Finally, cite and explain at least on real example that supports your analysis. On November 17, 2008, Mercy preformed its first patient scan with its new Toshiba Aquillion 64-slice CT scanner. This scanner allows for a patient with possible internal injuries to be scanned faster than the conventional scanner, so physicians can quickly identify the injuries....

Cited: Dunn, J. (2009, March 23). Trinity-Mercy Medical Center. Retrieved December 10, 2009, from www.mercyclinton.com
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