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Women Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh:
Problems and Prospects


Entrepreneurship is one of the indispensable ways to economic self-sufficiency around the world. Karl H. Vesper defined the overall field of entrepreneurship as the creation of new business ventures by Individuals or small groups. It is to be noted that entrepreneurship has been under discussion for more than two centuries. Gloss, Steads and Lowry made an attempt to define entrepreneurship through four common characteristics of an entrepreneur. These are as follows: ✓ Purposeful i.e. sets goals and strives to accomplish them ✓ Persuasive i.e. influences others to assist in reaching desired goals ✓ A presumption i.e. strikes out boldly and acts when others hesitate to do so. ✓ Perceptive i.e. understands how each separate decision relates to accomplishing the established goals.

Women Entrepreneurship

A woman who has most of all or all those features and she structures an org., formulates plans & policies, executes those, innovates and bears moderate risks is called Woman Entrepreneur. On the other word, a woman will be termed as a woman Entrepreneur if she is the ‘owner or proprietor of a private or proprietary enterprise’ or ‘is the director of a private company’ registered with the ‘joint stock’ or ‘shareholding enterprise’ or owing at least 51% share among the shareholders. And her initiatives are known as Woman Entrepreneurship. Today in addition to the traditional “women sectors” like food, beauty, health, fashion, animal husbandry, boutiques, handicraft and tailoring, women have entered into broader areas such as garments, shipping, engineering, advertising travel agencies, interior decoration, IT, agro-industry, educational institutions, restaurants etc. Bangladesh has shown success in the arena of the rural women entrepreneurs operating micro enterprises.

Major Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

1. Parents did not want them to be in business.
2. Husband did not approve their profession as entrepreneur. 3. In-laws did not like their free movement outside homes. 4. Backbiting of the society/bad comments about women’s free movement as businesswomen. 5. Can not move alone at night safely.

6. Teasing by men & hoodlums.
7. Transport problem for marketing and movement.
8. Religious leaders do not approve of women in business /religious barrier by people. 9. Women cannot participate alone in social work/ social occasion. 10. Security Problems faced in business and at work.

11. Non-cooperation of the society people regarding business development and out-house activities. 12. Can not move freely in the society.
13. Negative attitude of social leaders.
14. Conservative society does not allow women in business/ work out side at night. 15. Most of the women do not have proper idea about trade license and company registration. 16. Women entrepreneurs are unable to get access to various facilities of public and private institutions available at the local level due to lack of trade license. 17. Getting trade license is time consuming and it requires extra money in addition to fixed fees for trade license. 18. The interest rate/service charges are higher for loan from informal sources. 19. Most of the women entrepreneurs are unaware of the circular of Bangladesh Bank on refinancing scheme for women SME; even local bankers are not informed of this circular. 20. Women are not aware of the process to get a loan from banks. 21. Banks impose various conditions. In most cases, women entrepreneurs are unable to meet up their conditions. 22. Most of the banks follow a lengthy, complicated and bureaucratic process. 23. The people working at various banks are not sensitized regarding women entrepreneurs. 24. Provision of weekly installment of loan and higher service charges are also barrier to the development of women SMEs. 25. The opportunity of training and...
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