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1.Planning the interview1
2.Analysing responses2
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This assignment will be done by giving a major concentration on the entrepreneurship especially the good and bad practices of small and medium sized entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. In order to understand the actual practices of the entrepreneurs I have interviewed Nageswara Jenarthanan, the director of the Ceywings International (Pty) Limited. Ceywings International (Pty) Limited is a small and medium sized company which provides hospitality services. Under this assignment I will discuss his prospects as a growing entrepreneur and a variety of factors that are to be considered. The starting and enlarge his business in the hospitality services industry. According to the demand of the industry, the driving forces for him to move forward will also discuss. The analysis of the answers of the interview will be presented with theoretical arguments.

The entrepreneur I chose was Nageswara Jenarthanan, who is from Sri Lanka. He has done a BA Business Management degree. His Business partner is Zafeek Mohamed Huzam. They are the two shareholders. Their company is called the Ceywings International (Pty) Limited. They provide hospitality services.

Main Body
1. Planning the interview
An interview was taken with an incorporation of numerous questions. Each and every important fact have been asked from Nageswara Jenarthanan with an expectation of understanding the good and bad practices of their business as well as to understand how he applied different theories into practice. The analysis of his answers may helpful to other small and medium entrepreneurs who are providing hospitality services in Sri Lanka to have certain direction in their path to success. The questions were built using the guidelines given in the assignment question. I chose this person because I have certain experiences with it. Therefore I know he is a talented small and medium sized entrepreneur who is trying to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs within tourism and hospitality industry. Even though, still their company website is under construction I had to find their contact details from their Facebook account (https://www.facebook.com/Ceywings/info). Fortunately I could able to contact him over the telephone using the contact details found from the Facebook and he kindly gave the opportunity for me to interview him over the Skype. I could able to reserve two hours of his valuable time to conduct my interview. I conducted the interview as planned and his all responses were written clearly (See appendix 01). I will mention below as an analysis which were talked about in that interview. 2. Analysing responses

At the beginning of the interview I asked him about the size of the business, whether it is a micro -enterprise or small to medium business. His response that he is the one of the managing directors of the Ceywings International (Pty) Limited and they conduct it as a small and medium sized company. Bower (2003: pp. 187) expressed that small and medium sized companies should have effective hierarchy of the organisation (Referring to Q5). There are two managing directors of the company. They are Nageswara Jenarthanan and Zafeek Mohamed Huzam. The company has a management team which has performed and organise sales and other services along with the daily activities of the organisation. The board of directors has the authority to control the managers by taking decisions and putting necessary rules and conditions regarding controlling accounting, marketing and HR departments as well as entry level. The organisation chart which he showed me has been mentioned in the appendix 01. (Referring to Q6)

I needed to know that the factors which are motivated him to run the business (Referring to Q1). Angel et al (2006: pp. 139-154) viewed that, as a small...

References: Ceywings on face book (2013), contact details [online], Available from:
https://www.facebook.com/Ceywings/info [Accessed 16th January 2013]
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