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Taking Risks
Grade %
A. Financial
B. Intellectual
C. Social
D. Physical
E. Cultural

My advantages: I think I’m not just a thinker but a doer, that’s an advantage because I try to have no irrational fear, if I have one it is calculated and more than fear I’d like to say it is just my logic telling me not to do something. So in embarrassing aspects like talking to strangers, in front of public, selling my project and exposing my idea to people who may not like it I think I have almost no problem. But I’m not crazy, in financial situations I’m pretty conservative, a lot of times you don’t know what are you confronting to if you are in a new venture, so I would risk some money but try to calculate the probabilities of success and based on that decide how much am I willing to invest in a new project. Precautions: I think I’m taking my precautions already, mainly about the money. Also since I am an adrenaline junkie I will have to make sure I won’t die in these years on a skydiving or bungee jumping accident! One more thing I must avoid is being lazy, I can take a lot of risks, but I must really organize myself to be able to spend enough time on a project. Implications for how I shape my entrepreneurial path: I picture my path as growing first in a social way, trying to explain to everyone how does it work, sharing this feeling good mood with my friends and strangers, really making people’s days happier and then when I truly get convinced of my potential of sharing happiness (because I think that’s what I really look for from my venture), I will start spending also money and doing proper research and prototyping for the product; when I get the validations I need from my potential customers, this means pitching the idea and making my audience get excited about the idea, as well as closing sales even before I have the production ready (just by showing prototypes), I will invest big time money on it and make sure it is a success! E stressors

My top 5 E stressors
1. Worrying about running out of money
2. Getting into conflict with my co-founders
3. Having my life consumed by the business
4.Falling in a daily routine
5.Working in a job I don’t love
What do they have in common?
I think just that they are all things that I hate, maybe because they all make me feel uncomfortable, I think life is for enjoying and there are a lot of short term things I can bare, but when consequences of an act can have an effect on my whole life I just can’t. How does this affect my path?

Definitely if I want to do a venture it must be something I love, my passion for it is one of the most important aspects. Also right now I could spend my whole money, I don’t have any responsibilities, but in some years I will, so I must do this as soon as possible. Also if I decide to have a partner, I must very carefully select him/her/them as well as having a very specific agreement about norms. Also I have to always remember this is not going to be everything in my life, even if I love it there are a lot of things I love in this life. EntrepreneurialMotives

Motive Ranking:
1. Impact
2. Wealth
3. Freedom
4. Control
Definitely I want to have an impact in this world; one of my biggest desires is never to be forgotten for what I did, that is one of my biggest drives. I also may sound materialistic, who wouldn’t love to be super rich? Sometimes I imagine all the things I could do or when I can’t do something because of lack of budget I think “I wish I was a super millionaire waking up in his mansion going to job in a Lamborghini doing whatever I want to because I can” so I must find the way to cause an impact and get income from this impact. The reason I chose control after freedom is because I want the best for everyone and I know that no one is right every single time, so if I was in control not only I would have to carry all the stress of...
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