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Brittany Kragerud
Joe Harris
Entrepreneur 489
Assignment 3
Assignment Instructions.
1. After interviewing Jordan Carter it seems to me like he is very entrepreneurial and driven. It was funny giving him the test because his results had a little of each, but the most answers he had was at being a fantastic manager. After I read him the results he was very confused and shocked because I believe he thought that he was going to hear something differently even saying “what if I don’t agree with the results?” When it comes to success in the real world compared to the test I gave him, it doesn’t seem to me like it is that accurate. Jordan Carter has been having a very good time with success. His sales are sky rocketing and his team might look to expand next year. Unfortunately I do not know if using my assessment results would help him much in the business world, but I think talking about why he believes he is successful, where he sees the business going and where his goals are directed for the next year, may be a factor in making him think about new ideas to continue in a successful direction. I really enjoyed talking business with him and just seeing his goal orientated mindset play out in real life. He seems to be all about customer service and rewarding his employees which obviously plays a factor in why his business has been and will continue to expand. 2. After giving him Test 3 from the last assignment, it was really funny to see his reaction. He said “wowwwwwww” in almost a shocked kind of way because it told him he would be better as a manager than an entrepreneur which he did not agree with. Even though the results were mainly managerial, he still had a pretty consistently even dispersal of answers throughout A to D and after talking through why he may have answered more of the manager questions as correct, he seemed okay with it.

Part A
1. Identify the main overall problem(s) to be addressed in this assignment. You should present an actual problem statement. Also discuss why do you think this assignment was given in a class on entrepreneurship and how this assignment could affect you personally? Please be sure to not only address the basics of the issue, but also the nuances of the issue. In order to be an entrepreneur you need to possess certain characteristics in order to be successful; this includes innovation, drive and confidence. If you want to increase sales and expand your company as an owner you must see the customer’s need and meet it. After talking with Jordan it seems to me that the number one reason why his business is having success and expanding is because he is seeing what is popular with consumers, such as social media, and attacking a marketing strategy to reach the need. Not only this, but once the consumer is past just being a potential buyer, but has actually purchased his product, the company sees out that there is very good customer service and this is what they believe separates them from being like anyone else. This assignment is very helpful for me because it allows me to see how I can run my own business in a successful manager in the future and see where I can improve. Jordan is very god at admitting when there is a problem and how his company got to that point. 2. I think being innovative is 100% drawn into also being creative and therefore takes a lot of time, practice and skill to obtain it. Every article that I have read either on entrepreneur websites or marketing websites like AdAge, it is very pertinent to come up with a way to sell and advertise that other companies have not already comes up with. Jordan made a huge point in saying the success of his company is linked to the fact that he has reached out to the social media to sell and that has grown his sales by 30%. Even though there are other efficient ways of selling, he expressed that compared to other companies that do not use social media, he has been a lot more successful. 3. After reading up on a...
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