Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurial leadership helps develop and sustain elements of the organizational culture. Bergstrom (2004) interpreted that entrepreneurial leadership has three dimensions: 1) take more risk; 2) favor change to obtain the advantage; and 3) compete aggressively. We will discuss the common elements of different theories and philosophies as it relates to the new definition of entrepreneurial leadership. I will discuss my leadership style that I aspire to be, and compare it to dimensions of other leadership styles. Entrepreneurs have a wealth of knowledge at their finger tips using tools and resources available through the Small Business Administration (SBA) and the website SCORE. We will explore and compile useful information that can be obtained from the SBA that entrepreneurs and new business owners can use to gain an advantage on start up. I will describe my personal principles of leadership and explain why I believe in them.

Entrepreneurial Leadership
Discuss the common elements described in the theories/philosophies of Case, Kouzes, and Drucker including how their principles/strategies relate to the new definition of entrepreneurial leadership. Entrepreneurial leadership is a complex style of leading. Individuals who practice this style are generally; driven, risk taker, aggressive and can recognize when change will give the advantage. Peter Drucker (1985) discusses several strategies of entrepreneurs, but “Fustest With the Mostest” is one that looks to the future. Entrepreneurs are looking to the future of creating a new market or industry with their innovation. James Kouzes (2008) highlights his five practices of exemplary leadership. One of the five practices, “Inspire a Shared Vision” is leaders envision the future and create an ideal image of what the organization can become. Steve Case (2009) spoke at George Mason University commencement ceremony about his leadership philosophies of people,...

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