Entrepreneurial leadership

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Introduction to leadership
Chapter 10 Discussion Questions
1.Are there times when the ends justify the means? Why or why not? Yes I think that the ends can be justified in the end. It also depends on the situation and how well you coordinate things. The reason I chose this answer because I think personally some things can be handled in an orderly manner. 2.Have you experienced times when someone’s leadership has been questionable? How did it make you feel? Yes I have experienced that with one of my teachers she was mean and real rude. It made me feel like I had to do my work in order to pass her class. 3. Have scandals influenced your opinion of leaders at work, in school, in politics or in your church? I never really in engaged in what others do I do what my boss ask of me. Yes you still have prejudice people but it doesn’t scare me. I pray and keep it positive. 4. How would you address a boss or an employee who was working in an unethical manner? You can pull them to the side and talk to them and tell them how you feel. Sometime you can just give a person a hug or a smile. 5. Have you experienced situations where you have had an ethical conflict with a coworker, roommate or friend? How did it work out? Why? Yes I had to talk to my boss about my supervisor just because I was black he wanted to treat me different. Yes it worked we talked it out like to grown professionals and things got better. I prayed and told god to deal with him and he apologized.
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