Topics: Circle, Girl, Israel Pages: 4 (1315 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Virginia Seifert Writing 102
Nancy Ross
February 2013


Literary analysis of “ Where the Jackals Howl”
By Amoz Oz

Amoz Oz's “Where the Jackals Howl” is short story illustrating the plight of young female in a kibbutz and in a struggle with herself as well as an older member in the kibbutz. At the story's heart is a masterful depiction of the protagonist which at times seems to be Galila as well as Matityahu Damkov and other times Matityahu being the antagonist. Galila seems to fall for the bait of art supplies as Matityahu draws her to his room to take advantage of her. Amoz Oz achieves the greater theme of “entrapment” through the psychological social realism meaning characters in fictional narratives have realistic or complex emotional and intellectual depth including perhaps subconscious urges and fear they are not aware of. (superglossary.com) A brief inspection will reveal how “Where the Jackals Howl” by Amoz Oz achieves it inspiring effect. Amoz' portrayal of the kibbutz includes the land between Israeli and Palestinians, illegitimacy and Jewish life. Giving his reasoning of strong urges and subterranean passions, which illustrates his hidden feelings. The khamsin-the hot winds, seemed to effect everyone in the community of the kibbutz. It was everything to them that the khamsin was leaving and the cool winds were coming in. The cool winds brought darkness and meant that seasons were changing and Autumn was coming near. Everyone came out to bask in the winds and the darkness that was coming except for Sashka who would see this as time to stay in his room and write about the problems in the kibbutz. As the darkness slowly creeps in and seems to consume everything within it from the outward land in, the elders sit and enjoy till it was time to go to the dining hall. That is where they would all sit around and discuss what has happened and what is to happen. As the narrator describes...
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