Enting’s Online Catering and Reservation System

Topics: Foodservice, Catering, Project management Pages: 10 (2820 words) Published: June 19, 2013

A Project
Presented to the Faculty of the
College of Information Technology
University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Information System


Geran P. Ferolino
Nishelle May Hilado
Haran B. Mabugat


Over the past years, the researchers have witnessed an ongoing information revolution brought by the Internet. The group has learned to harness the Internet for more efficient communication and ubiquitous information. These benefits have enabled us to bring many aspects of our lives online. In media and broadcasting we have sites like http://cnn.com; in auction and trading we have http://www.eHYPERLINK "http://www.ebay.com/"Bay.com; in business and commerce we have http://www.amazon.com. The researchers have decided to apply the benefits of the internet in our local business establishments. This is to improve the quality of their services towards their clients and customers. One of these establishments is the Enting's Restaurant. Though their management is almost perfect, the researchers have found something is lacking in their establishment especially in the catering reservation system. The research covers the solution for long and slow processing of transaction for catering reservation. The group has also found that the group can improve that system by making it online. Make it easy for restaurant guests or customer to reserve a table or a room for rent online for catering services. Restaurant online reservation system is a simple and easy-to-use online restaurant catering reservation featuring all the functionality needed for online tables or room for rent and management 1.1OrganizationalBackground

Enting’s Online Catering System is a small business of Enting Lobaton. He started with a carenderia in front of her house, since he likes cooking for his family. From the small business grew the idea of starting up a restaurant, now Enting had already worked for many clients for more than a decade (since 1989). The catering business serves food in events, such as, birthday parties, wedding, and other event functions such as, baptismal and seminars. As their business grows they add extra services, like flower arrangements, table settings. The business is still needs improvement, enough to compete with other bigger catering services that are already gaining popularity in the business world. Enting’s accommodates customers for reservations and other inquiries and about online catering services. The business is located at Lacson Street, Bacolod City. For reservation of an event, a customer will choose their desired date of the celebration and the owner/manager will check if still available; if yes, they will be given a brochure where the packages and other amenities are listed. The customer needs to pay 50% of the package price for reservation fee which is deductible to the total payment. The reservation is valid for 2-3 days and shall be forfeited thus not confirm within the period of time. This is based on the terms and condition of the catering service that will be sign by agreement of the customer and the owner. If the customer wishes to cancel the event the payment is not refundable, non-consumable and no transferable. Functions outside Bacolod will be charge 10% additional payment from the total price of the catering service.

1.2 Organizational Mission
They want to improve their catering operational processes in order to increase the speed in processing the catering reservation transaction and to become more beautiful in the eye of the customer. Enting’s restaurant mission aims to improve their business availability in order to gain more profit. To build more restaurant branches in the whole Bacolod City and even in the whole Philippines. To become famous, when it comes in food and catering services and because of...
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