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Entertainment Essay

By Tatiana-Ramos Oct 17, 2013 558 Words
“A Brother, A Friend, A Best friend”

Oscar Antonio Ramos born on September 16, 1992 and killed on December 21, 2011. He is gone but never forgotten. I will always have him in my heart. My brother, my friend, best friend, and the closest thing I had to a father. He was killed a year ago in Mexico. He was 19 years old. Everyone that knew him thought he was helpful, smart, and honest.

My father told me “I had never accepted he idea of having a child. I was young only 16 years old and when he was born I did not want him or want to give up my childhood. I made a huge mistake for never being a real father to him. Now I live regretting everything I did.” (Ramos, Santos, personal interview, December 14, 2012). My brother always knew our dad never wanted us in his life he never cared, he never did. My brother and I lived 3 years with our father in California. Although we lived closer to our dad we never lived under the same roof. Again our father showed us how he did not care.

I admire my brother because he always managed to make things seem better. He managed to go to school and work at the same time. I knew he got tired but he never complained. He would always remind me why he did what he did. I was always his reason. He always wanted the best for me. My brother practically did the job my dad was never able to do. Oscar always gave me advice. He would always tell me “Life is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs”. He showed me right from wrong. Oscar was a great example of a student, brother, and father.

On July 2011 he left to be with our family in Mexico. I never said goodbye to him because I knew he would come back. I stayed waiting, waiting for a day that would never come. After six months I got a call. I wish I had never received that call or the news I got along with it. It was my aunt in Mexico. She burst out in tears telling me the horrible news. My brother had been killed. I wanted to think it was not true. Until today it is a year since he was murdered, I cannot face the truth. My brother did many impacts on my life being alive and since he passed away. His strength was always there even when things got difficult. He never gave up on what he wanted. He was helpful with everyone. He was a really good young man.

My second father, my brother, my best friend. I love him very much and miss him dearly. I wish I could live one more day having my brother alive. He might be gone but I know he is always watching over me from where ever he is. Not having him has really hurt, but he has helped me mature and realizes I need to make everyone surrounding me proud and make the best out of my life. Oscar said “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Today I have learned to stay strong no matter how hard the situation is. I admire him and thank him for everything he taught me. My brother will always be my number one hero.

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