Entertainment: Distracting Us from Everyday Chores

Topics: Film, Mind, Thought Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Everyone needs entertainment to take their minds away from the boring chores of everyday life. This entertainment can be in the form of music, movies, plays, and various other activities. The most common forms of entertainment are movies, which are watched by people of all ages. There is such a great amount of people that watch movies, that they now have to be rated for different age groups.

Movies are entertaining, but some movies can have a negative effect on their audience. Little children may watch animated movies on their favorite superhero, which does supernatural things, or on some other character they admire, like Mickey Mouse, who does all sorts of things that are not possible in real life. These movies can lead children into thinking that they too can do all these things.

People may argue that these children have a mind that makes them want to do crazy stuff, but there is another perfect example of films having a negative influence, are teenagers. If this age group watches movies about a certain topic, they are greatly influenced by it.

Other young people may watch action movies, and the violence in these movies also has an effect on their minds. It makes them think more about violence and extremism, and may lead them into committing crimes and other acts that can hurt others. These young people may watch their favorite actors do other things that are disliked in society. Their favorite actors and characters may take drugs, like smoking cigarettes in their shows and movies, which negatively influences the young audience and they may begin smoking too, or they may think that it is “cool” or it will raise their social status.

Although some movies have a negative effect on their audience, others may have a positive effect too. There are many educational movies out there that are informative. These movies are very few in number as compared to other movies that are not as informative. These movies are not liked by the young audience, so many...
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