Entertainment Control Needed

Topics: Psychiatry, Psychology, Mental illness Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: February 23, 2014
Entertainment Control Needed
Mass shooting have grown exponentially after the 1999 school shooting of Columbine this shooting involved two students that planned and killed 12 of their peers along with a teacher before both committing suicide. There are many people that offer what they feel would be the best solution to mass shootings. One of them being Mona Charen who says that it could be fixed with mental health system reform and censorship of media including games to movies.Placing guards in schools along with creating strict rules and regulations to obtain firearms. Mass shootings across the US would drop significantly if more tests had to be taken when registering for a weapon or purchasing ammunition to assure the purchaser is not mentally impaired.This plan along with her solution is a great way to help decrease mass shootings. Strict gun regulation tests would assure that the soon to be owner does not suffer from any severe forms of mental illness that would result in a mass shooting or any other form of misuse of the weapon. Current gun regulations do not require the applicant to disclose information on psychiatric help received to seller. Someone with a known criminal or mental illness history could be rejected depending on the instance if gun regulations were reformed to include psychiatric evaluations. Administering a psychological test upon purchasing gun could detect signs of impassivity and aggressiveness as well as warning signs of homicidal or suicidal impulses. In addition before purchase of firearms applicants would be required to obtain a training certificate given by an approved teacher that shows safe and proper use of firearms. Mental Health system Reform is a great idea although the effects of this reform would be insignificant. There are over 7.7 million people suffer from severe mental illness in the US alone over 3.5 million of them live their lives without treatment.This mental health reform would not be able to fully ensure that...
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