Entertainment and Media Culture

Topics: Sociology, Entertainment, Mass media Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: June 10, 2013
Entertainment media has shaped American culture and its values in various ways. Some of the ways that entertainment media has affected our culture has been through Entertainment on television. Films and music videos have also changed our culture in a fashion sense. Once, people see how celebrities are dressing on television and in videos they tend to portray their fashion tactics and sense. Also, what type of music tends to be more popular seems to have an effect on the type of general music that people prefer to listen to. In essence people will change their culture to that affects of what type music entertainment they prefer and what is most popular within the group of people they are around consistently.

When it comes to children’s affect upon American culture and values sports and video games have a big role in that field. Children adapt to environments and the type of entertaining media they grow up around. If a child is constantly around sports activities and is entertained that way then most likely they will have a passion for that type of entertainment. Younger children that have a favorite sports player or someone they look up to will most likely try to follow that persons fashion trends and how the athletic individual might portray himself to children. Also, children that are involved in playing video games might absorb tendencies from what they are involved with while playing video games.

Social influences of entertainment can be both negative and positive. Social influence involves one’s opinions, behaviors and emotions so any atmosphere an individual is around will most likely conform to that person’s behaviors. Entertainment can socially be positively influenced if the entertainment is positively distributed. If it is not positively distributed then it can have a negative effect on some people.

Entertainment media is a reflection for societal behaviors and attitudes upon how it reflects to people individually and as mass groups as well....

References: Social media (2012). Publication of Library technology reports (6th ed.). King, David Lee: Author.
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