Enterprise Skills

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Enterprise Skills

Enterprise skills are the skills and personal characteristics that are in successful business people or entrepreneurs. Anyone who owns a business will have to gain a range of resources (physical, financial and human) to make sure that the business ends up successful. The enterprise skills in a business person could be the determination the person has to completing their business objective or the self-motivation given by the person allowing them to continue their business. Enterprise Skills, unlike Enterprise Characteristics are

It is important for Waitrose to have people who possess various enterprising skills. This means that each individual will be able to get on with their work because they are motivated and driven to strive for perfection in the work they do. If Waitrose have workers with different enterprise skills it would be easier for Waitrose to handle them as workers because they are already confident and motivated and this makes it much easier for Waitrose in training due to the fact that the workers are ready to learn and do as they are told.

Those with the enterprising mind are clear about their goals. They do not use others to motivate themselves but are able to push themselves to achieve any goal they come across. They have total confidence in what they do and are not easily led astray by negative criticism or opinions. These people are also known as self-starters due to the fact that they can start to aim for their goal without anyone's encouragement. Those with self-confidence have to be very clear about what they want to achieve and be able to rely on their own abilities.

Risk Taking
Enterprising people are not fearful towards their own failure. They now that being able to recognise your own personal failure is important . They try to get as much valuable lessons from mistakes they have made and will mostly be fine with telling someone about their failures. Taking risks are one of the things that...
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