Enterprise Resources Management

Topics: Supply chain management, Enterprise resource planning, Management Pages: 3 (693 words) Published: January 22, 2013
1. What is the business of Sinosteel, what are its major challenges, and how would an ERP system address the challenges they face?

„h It has core business in resources development, trade & logistics, engineering project and science & technology, equipment manufacturing and specialized service, providing comprehensive auxiliary service for steel industry, especially steel mills.

„h Maintenance of economic and technological cooperation with other nations and global companies and strengthen its global reach. As well as, along with other state enterprises, continue efforts to expand the global control over commodities-key, thus exclusivity to get stream in the provision that will ensure a steady stream of resources to the booming economy of China.

„h They optimize management processes, standardize coding, regulations, etc. prevention of information risks, adapt industry processes and superior ownership expertise, centralize and unify the communication process, reports, accountancy, etc.

2. Why did Sinosteel pursue the development of an ERP system? What were the objectives? What challenges (risks) does ERP address for Sinosteel? [The CEO is difficult to understand on some of the objectives, but later in the video an IT manager is clearer and reflects the CEO¡¦s position almost exactly. You will need to listen carefully].

„h Because the need to consolidate management of diverse operations implementing the major enterprise resource planning major until 2005.

„h The goals of this project were set down by their president, thus were: Increase the management levels, prevent all kind of risks, independence of operations and management, as well as, to optimize all resources assignments and human resources management.

„h In the past the costumer information was decentralized and controlled by sails and needy subsidiary company. These prove risk as there localized were delinquent costumers could all many to one needy subsidiary, all need a invoice be paid...
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