Enterprise Rent-a-Car: Measuring Service

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Car rental Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: April 7, 2009
Q 1. Analyze Enterprise’s Service Quality Survey. What information is it trying to gather? What are its research objectives?

Ans 1. Throughout its history, Enterprise has followed founder Jack Taylor’s advice who believed that if the company took care of its customers and employees first, profits would follow. Therefore, Enterprise conducted Service Quality Surveys to track customer satisfaction. The survey included questions that could provide information which it was trying to gather like; How satisfied was the customer on his recent car rental from Enterprise? What, if anything, could Enterprise have done better?

Did the customer experience any problems during the rental process? How was the telephone reservation process?
How would you rate the car
Handling of paper work
Mechanical condition of the car
Cleanliness of the car interior/exterior?
If next time you needed to pick up a rental car, how likely are you to call Enterprise?
Enterprise’s executives believed that the company had become the largest rent-a-car company in the U.S. (in terms of numbers of cars, rental locations, and revenue) because of its concentration on serving the home-city replacement market. Its research objective was to track down customer satisfaction and aimed to serve customers who were involved in wrecks and found themselves without a car. Enterprise wanted to build its business by cultivating insurance agents and body shop managers as referral agents so that when one of their clients or customers needed a replacement vehicle, they would recommend Enterprise.

Q 2. What decisions has Enterprise made with regard to primary data collection—research approach, contact methods, sampling plan, and research instruments?

Ans 2. Enterprise had used the survey results to calculate an overall average Enterprise Service Quality Index (ESQi) score for the company and a score for each individual branch. It needed...
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