Enterprise Rent a car

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Enterprise rent-a-car
I. Background information
a. About ERAC
A private car rental business with a fleet more than 850 000 vehicles, founded in 1957
Based in St Louis, Missouri, serving US, Canada, Germany, Ireland and Puerto Rico and UK
Largest car rental company in North America
Highest customer satisfaction for rental car and rental car in airport
95% of customer say they are satisfy with the service
Largest purchaser of car in the world
b. Marketing mix
Customers: ERAC serves these 3 main segments of customers
Needs a car because their car broken/need repair or temporary unavailable
Short leisure or business trip for special occasion
Business in town purpose
Place: Branches located within neighborhood, where is easily accessible by customers’ home and work place
Price: Generally higher than competitor
Promotion: CRM system and social vouch/word of mouth
Leading market position
Robust financial performance
No 1 in customer service
Large fleet of car
Maintenance and cost of repair
Capital intensive
No one way rental
Trend for renting cars
Use of Internet for renting cars
Bigger presence at airport
Serving “green” customer
Increase in fuels
Buying not buying used car

II. Analysis

1. Internal strategy – Human and knowledge capital strategy
Generally, a company’s strategy is usually associated with activities and decisions making process regarding the long term interaction of an organization with the market and its environment (supplier, customers, government, etc). The traditional companies are usually focusing on their competitive advantages/core competencies in either products or process/ supply chain management. However, as modern organization get more and more complicated, human and knowledge based capital strategy emphasis on the organization’s capabilities or core competencies that are internal. The primary resources of a human and knowledge approach

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