Enterprise Juice Bar

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Zero© Ice-cream Juice Bar
Enterprise Project
Lecturer: Tom Colon
Students: Ramyar Assad, Jinghua Sun

1. Executive Summary
2. Description of Business
3. Market Research/ Analysis
4. Marketing Plan
5. Production/Operations Plan
6. Human Resources & Organisational Structure
7. Financial Plan
8. Start-Up Schedule
9. Appendices
10. Bibliography

Executive Summary

The business which is going to be set up is a special ice-cream bar named: Zero© ice-cream bar. It is special because the ice-cream will be made of natural yogurt which means zero fat and good for our digestion. Moreover, different toppings above the ice-cream are going to be served as complements. Toppings will be made of natural fruits: mango, kiwi, strawberry, blackberry, pineapple, black chocolate, white chocolate, etc. We are going to provide three size of ice-cream: small size, medium size and big size. With one small size ice-cream our customers can choose one topping over their ice-cream, with medium size ice-cream customers can choose two toppings and with big size ice-cream customers can choose three toppings. In a word, this business is dedicated to health eating. The reason of setting up this business is because we know nowadays health eating and keeping fit is in fashion. More and more people want to be healthy and not over weight. The market targets for this business will be people who are interested in healthy food and people who like eating ice-cream but are afraid of being fat. Ownership: This business belongs to Jinghua,Sun and Ramyar Assad. At the beginning nobody is going to be hired but the two owners probably later depends on how is going the business we may hire some part-time employees. Assad will be responsible for the store management: selling, receiving material, etc. Sun will be responsible for marketing management, buying some material, public relations, etc. The two owners are occupied with our Financial Management together. We are going to ask for the loan of 15,000€ from the bank: 7,000€ for the yogurt ice-cream machines 3,000€ for marketing analysis and republic relations and the rest for setting up the store. The yogurt ice-cream maker:

Chapter2: Description of the business
2.1 Size and scope of venture
The venture is 1,200 square feet (111 sq metres). The business is located on Forster Street, Galway City Centre.

2.2 Proposed product that will be offered
Through the Company’s location, Zero© Yogurt Ice-cream Juice Bar will be able to provide customers with an extensive menu of yogurt ice-cream with toppings made of natural fruits, multi-flavored juices, smoothies, and ancillary food products such as salads and wraps. Yogurt ice-cream and Juice Bar anticipates that the business will earn 85% gross margins on the yogurt ice-cream and juice products offered by the business and approximately 75% to 78% on the food (salads, wraps, etc.). Furthermore, Zero© Yogurt ice-cream juice bar will comply with all state and local laws regarding the sale of food and beverages the general public. Within the Juice and ice-cream toppings facility, the Company will handle all fruit/dairy products, properly (and will inform employees on safe food handling practices) which have higher incidences of spoilage. Zero© Yogurt ice-cream juice bar will ensure, at all times, the yogurt ice-cream and juice Bar facility is in compliance with all health and food safety laws. There are two major products in this business: Yogurt ice-cream with natural fruits toppings and natural fruits juice. Yogurt ice-cream: The ice-cream which is going to be proposed is very healthy because is made of natural yogurt which means zero fat, good for digestion above all, tasty. The yogurt ice-cream will be proposed with toppings on it. Toppings are made of natural fruits such as mango, strawberry, blackberry, kiwi, pineapple… There are three sizes of yogurt...

Bibliography: FIGURE 15: Consumers ' foodservice preference, by type of outlet, RoI and NI, 2003-08

FIGURE 16: Consumer frequency to visit takeaway food outlet, RoI and NI, 2003 and 2008
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