Entering a World of Light

Topics: The Little Things, Coco, World Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Entering A World of Light

By Sam Veliz


Period 4

Oftentimes, when something valuable is lost, one may begin to realize the importance and value of that article. Although what is lost may never be restored, in its absence, there is a tendency for one to travel deeper into a world of trying to uncover the meaning of its presence and understanding its purpose. In Cry, the Beloved Country, James Jarvis goes through a period of comprehending what his son, Arthur Jarvis, was attempting to accomplish in life. As time passes, Jarvis slowly begins to realize the purpose of his son's life and is touched by his son's efforts in changing a prejudiced society. Alan Paton utilizes James Jarvis as a character that comes out of the darkness and into the light, where he begins to realize the truth about society. Stirred from his son's death, James Jarvis emerges from his dark and traditional world into a world of light where he slowly begins to understand and praise the work of his son and to finish what his son wanted to accomplish. When James Jarvis arrives at Johannesburg to attend his son's funeral, he makes frequent visits to his son's house and reads his son's work, which is his first step in transformation. The first few times, he is lost in thought after reading a profound manuscript criticizing society. However, as time passes, he begins to understand what his son is trying to tell people in the prejudiced world and is deeply moved after each article. After reading about injustice and hypocrisy in society Jarvis has a stream of thoughts in his head. Whether because this was his son, whether because this was almost the last act of his son, he could not say. Whether because there was some quality in the words, that too he could not say, for he had given little time in his life to the savouring and judging of words. Whether because there was some quality in the ideas, that too he could not say, for he had given little time to the study of these particular...
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