Enter Without so Much as Knocking by Bruce Dawe

Topics: Poetry, Personal life, The Reader Pages: 2 (841 words) Published: September 28, 2012
“Poetry helps us to see ourselves and our world more clearly”, the poem “Enter Without So Much as Knocking” by Bruce Dawe, published in 1950 is true to this quote because it is outlining the passage from the hospital to the grave. It makes the reader realise that when you die you will eventually be forgotten, unless you have made an impact on the world. The persona in the poem is the man who’s being spoken about because it’s about his life, making him the subject matter. Dawe is a voice for the persona because he is telling the story about a ordinary man who believes he could be someone important, but turns out to have an average job and average life, making him think that no one is going to remember him when he dies since he hasn’t made an impact on the world or done something important. “Enter Without So Much as Knocking” by Bruce Dawe is an example of a free verse poem because it refrains from any pattern or rhyme. The poem appears to be like a normal speech conversation. This type of form highlights and emphasizes the poem, creating a lot of emotion. The theme of this poem is human condition because it includes the life cycle. It is about the life of a man from the day he arrived on earth to the day he left. It also considers the pointlessness of life by expressing all the rules and regulations we have controlling our lives. This relates to the quote because it showing a clear understanding of our life on this planet. Dawe shows that everything on our planet is “fixed up”; it is never left untouched and natural. “A pure unadulterated fringe of sky, littered with stare no one had got around to fixing up yet”, which creates irony because of the word “littered” since the stars are the only pure thing Dawe mentions in the poem. Dawe uses exaggeration to express humor, in order to show the negative aspects of life. The extreme use of exaggeration is carried in the line “NO BREATHING EXCEPT BY ORDER. BEWARE OF THIS. WATCH OUT FOR THAT”, connoting that there are...
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