Enter to a College Is the First Step to Success

Topics: College, University, Dormitory Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Enter to a college is the first step to success. With the development of globalization and regional integration, more and more students choose to study aboard. It not only can increase our knowledge, enlarge our view, but also give you an unusual experience and new values. After one year’s college life, I learned something which is different from Chinese college. It is the different system in all. In China, there are two different colleges which are three-year College and four-year University. The students in the college have to finish their courses in three or four years. It is different to American that if students finish their all credit hours, then, they can graduate from the college. In China, there are fixed classes and classmates in different faculty; they almost have the same classes in the three or four years. Not like in America, students choose their courses every semester by himself. American college is more freedom than that in China. Same with American students, students in China should take the college entrance exam just like SAT test. After that, they are all survey available colleges and majors. But in China, the major is given to you by the school, if you get a major you don’t like, you have a chance to choose a second major if you want. In the US, every student begins his college life as a general studies student. You just pick your major by the end of your second year. You still have a chance to choose a minor or a second major if you qualify. There are massive differences at residential and recreational portions. In China’s colleges, boys and girls live in the separate dormitory buildings. They must come back early. They do lights out every night except on weekends. Boyfriends or girlfriends cannot come inside the dorm. But in the US colleges, boys and girls share the same dormitory building, they don't have to lights out at all. Boyfriends or girlfriends can come and go as you please. Most American colleges have several sports teams....
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