ensure a safe work place

Topics: Risk, Employment, Safety Pages: 3 (608 words) Published: September 13, 2014
The main legal responsibilities of employers are:
Premises – making sure it’s a safe place to work
Systems and Equipment
Storage and Transport of Substances and Material
Access to the workplace exits
Practices in the workplace
The main legal responsibilities of employers are:
Take care during time at work to avoid personal injury
Assist the employer in meeting requirements under the H&S at work act Not misuse of change anything that has been provided for safety

Main responsibilities of employers and employees are:
Deciding how to prevent harm to health by carrying out a risk assessment Providing control measures to reduce harm to health
Keeping all control measures in good working order
Control exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace
Planning for emergencies

You should raise an emergency alarm if you notice a fire. You should immediately raise the alarm by breaking the glass of the nearest fire alarm. The alarm will ring a continuous bell with a flashing red light. Ensure that the fire and rescues services have been called.

Employees should take the following actions:
Follow company procedures as per your induction
Sound the alarm
Tell a member of staff/authority
Evacuate everyone via the escape route
Avoid lifts
Close all doors to prevent fires spreading
Go to assembly point
Contact emergency services
Take care of casualty’s
Make sure you help any elderly/disabled people

Main stages in an emergency evacuation:
Sound the alarm
Call emergency services
Evacuate through nearest exit
Assemble at assembly points
Await instructions from salon manager

The hazards and associated risks found on premises of a retail business are Spills
Reactions to products/treatments

It is important to notice and report hazards so that people don’t hurt themselves, try to claim from you for an accident, have time off work.

You should always report an...
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