Ensure Team Effectiveness

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Ensure Team Effectiveness
• When you feel confident that you have thoroughly mastered the material in this unit, attempt the following assignment.
• Cengage Education offers the following options for assignment submissions: Option 1 – You may write your answers on the answer sheets provided in your stationery kit, making sure you attach the assignment cover sheet to the assignment, and post it to Cengage Education.

Option 2 – You may submit your assignment as a Microsoft Word document, by using the Assignment Submission Form found on our Student Community homepage (go to http://www.cengage.edu.au, click on Students and then on the Assignment Submission Form link).

• Please ensure that your personal details, including your student number, assignment number and address are attached before submitting your assessment via mail or e-mail.
Part Four
You have been asked to prepare a communication to your team regarding a new policy.
Select a policy from your workplace;
• Prepare a suitable structure to communicate the information and outline how you will communicate the information (ie location, methods to be used, etc) to gain maximum understanding; and
• Describe how you will ensure the communication has been understood. Part Five
Conduct a comprehensive personal reflection outlining:
• What you have improved since commencing the module;
• How you have built on your existing strengths;
• Areas you feel still require improvement.
Then develop a detailed action plan for the areas identified as needing further improvement. (This must be submitted as a structured essay of no fewer than 750 words.)
You must complete regular entries in a journal for the duration of this module. This will form part of your overall assessment, and will be evidence of your ability to demonstrate leadership and facilitate your work teams effectively. It is recommended that you commence your journal entries as soon as possible. To be included at the start of your journal (and to be completed at the commencement of the module) you are required to:

1. Develop a list of what you believe to be your current leadership strengths; and
2. Develop a list of areas in leadership you feel you could improve. All journal entries must be dated and cover the following areas at a minimum: • How you interact with others at all levels (provide details of the conversation content, actions and behaviours of yourself and the others involved in the interactions);

• How you role-model leadership behaviours to influence change within your organisation;
• How you use your leadership role to foster teamwork and action learning; • How you coach and mentor individuals who directly report to you; and • How you are building/creating a value-added network to support your role. Assessment will be based on the following criteria:

• That regular entries have been made (and dated);
• That each point specified is covered;
• That specific examples have been provided;
• That the journal reflects individual learning and growth over the duration of the module (and demonstrates improvements in leadership behaviours). Assignment
Select a team you are part of:
1. Conduct the team evaluation below (pre-assignment check). 2. Outline the purpose of the team.
3. What are some of the diversities you can identify in your team? 4. How does your team benefit from the diversity of its members? 5. List ways you could improve the team by introducing an action learning model.

6. Explain how you would implement the action learning model. 7. Start taking your team through an action learning process. 8. What is the team’s vision? If they do not have one, develop one with the team.

9. Does the team have formal rules? Discuss with the team and develop rules if agreed.
10. Discuss rotating roles and responsibilities within the team. Assign roles to each member of the team and develop a skills matrix and training schedule to ensure roles can...
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