Enrollment System Student Records

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Other Student Records with retention
Discipline Records – 7 year retention (Ret # 83-740)
Discipline Report/Letter – (Middle and High Schools) Discipline is required for every student entering 7-12 grade, therefore while a student is within Fulton County Schools, the discipline is available in SASI. Upon withdrawing, discipline must be printed (DIS 01) and sent along with a copy of the student’s records. However if the student does not have any discipline records, a letter stating this should be printed on the schools letterhead and sent along with the student records. Do not stamp or write anything on the official transcript concerning discipline records. Discipline records from every school the student attended (grades 7-12) must be kept. This includes discipline records from other school systems. SST Records

Student Support Team records – Retention for these records are until no longer needed to provide services to the student which is one year after graduation or until the student turns 22 which ever comes first(retention schedule ref # 13-041). Individual student records for students referred to the Student Support Team should be maintained in the red SST folder until eligibility for special education is determined. If a student is found to be ineligible for special education, the SST records should remain in the red folder. If the student is found to be eligible, a confidential folder will be created in which all SEC and SST records will be maintained. 504 records should be filed with the red SST folder. Both SST and 504 records are to be maintained at the school. If a student withdraws and goes to another FC school or is promoted and has a SST folder, that folder is to accompany the student’s PR & Guidance Folder to the next FC school. These records should not be submitted to the Records Management Office with the permanent record folders.) The retention on the 504 folders is the same as the SST folders. Contact Brie Paraham - Instructional Support...
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