Enrollment System

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Review of Related Literature and Studies
This chapter present the literatures related to the proposed system for Bethel Lutheran School. These will be the basis making the proposed system. 2.1 Review of Related Literature
The Related Literature that we use in the Enrollment System for Bethel Lutheran School is useful in the sense of functions and features that the enrollment system has. The relationship in every sample brings us a good realization of the whole system. 2.1.1 Review of Related local Literature

Selling Trust Keeps Insures On Top
“There must be full transparency and full disclosure of earnings in order to earn trust. The company must not hide behind fine thread.”

Jose Cuisa Jr. (President and Chief Executive officer of Philamlife of the Phil.)

-The transparency of each payment by enrollees and bill of the school is essential like what Jose Cuisa Jr. says. So the systems for Bethel also have it.

There must haves by any computer data storage, therefore, remain constant, albeit to varying degrees according to buyers. These include: storage volatility(ability to store with or without supply of electricity), differentiation (the need to refresh or not to refresh for data to remain up-to-date), mutability(ability to rewritten or not), capacity (amount of stored information that a storage device or medium can contain), and performance (how fast it saves, can be accessed, etcetera).

Philippines PC World (Vol. 22 No.7 September,2010)

-Since the enrollment will contain and store data, the system be flexible when the data is stored, how prepare and performance like how fast the system will be. The statement suggestion is the same of the idea that the enrollment system for Bethel is same. TV of the FUTURE

Backup systems ideally run in the background without much human effort and let you restore data to specific points in time. Look for backup system, such as a disk-to-disk-to-cloud setup. -PCWORLD March 2011

The sheer volume of spam hurts your productivity and spam like messages often conceal threats to privacy and security in the form of browser hijackers, phishing exploits, and viruses. * PC WORLD PHILIPPINES

-The statement is all about privacy and security, though our system is safe to the spammers, because it is not web-based. We only get the thought that only the trusty person can access to the system to avoid hijackers and privacy of whole system.

We based our evaluation here on the ease of use, polish, flexibility, and layout of each browser’s interface. We also looked at whether the interface got in the user’s way too much, or whether it allowed Websites to take center stage.

PCWORLD October 2010
| PSBank offers double security |
MANILA, Philippines - Double your banking security every time you transact online through the PSBank Remote Key. This is an added security device that protects you from online identity theft and prevents malicious individuals from accessing your online account. It is a small handy gadget that randomly generates a series of numbers that you need to enter along with your username and pass-phrase to log into your PSBank Remote Banking account. Now you’ll have more security every time you access PSBank Remote Banking (PRB), PSBank’s 24/7 online facility. Check your account balance, view or pay your bills, view your loan account details, see images of your paid checks and transfer funds. Get a PSBank Remote Key from your nearest PSBank branch for only P500! Inquire now or visit  THE PHILIPPINE STAR-http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=677734&publicationSubCategoryId=74 http://www.philstar.com/Default.aspx?t=14-03&t=14-14-1

RCBC switching to paperless banking ...
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