enrollment system

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Chapter 1: Introduction

The computerized enrollment system process the way of the school transaction can work easier and better way how the implement for the enrollment system. It brought a new level of the enrollment transaction. The said system can lessen the time for processing time of transaction because it is quick and automated. The hardware equipments like desktop computers and printers can process the transaction in order to work for to be done faster.

1.1 Background of the Study

The group programmers develop a proposed software system to analyze the particular problems in the school. The processing time of the transaction might be minimized how to access the student records very quickly rather than the usual traditional manual system. Another benefit of the proposed system is the convenient way of the storing and retrieving student information made easy and for the future use. The Academia De Covina, Inc old practices may replace for the group programmer’s proposed system that will cut down the cost of the materials needed for manual processing of the enrollment and reduce much effort.

1.1.1 History

Academia De Covina Inc. is located to Blk. 5 Lot 51, Casmalia St. Ph 2 Covina Village Buhay na tubig . Imus, Cavite is taken from the named of the Subdivision “Covina Village”. Established on the year 2004-2005 and the persons involved about the management of the school is the Jacobo family. They started with 50 Students, 1 room and 3 Teachers only. After the whole year they build 2 buildings or castle (literally in structure) for Preparatory and Nursery Department. The Academia De Covina, Inc is a private Christian school with a affordable tuition fee. Year 2008, The school was approved by the DepEd Recognized the school. Through the years, the school changes their architectural structures because they know students will increase need to adjust the department and room occupying for their study. The maximum of the students per classroom is 20 and all the room is fully air-conditioned.

1.1.2 Mission and Vision

In the mission and vision statement of the school “The Academia De Covina, Inc” stated that how to lead students in their support for academic and how to become a good example individual in community through teaching a Christian studies. The student will have been achieved their goal and dreams and prepared for the challenges they encounter. Mission

The global, national and local situation is characterized by unjust structures – imbalance in the distribution of wealth and power, massive poverty and misery. Man’s greed and selfishness drives him to exploit others thus, debasing human dignity and values. Due to these prevailing conditions, we challenged for a commitment to personal and social transformation based on the teaching of Christ.

In response to all these challenges and in solidarity with the Filipino people, Academia De Covina commits herself to be actively involved in establishing a society that is free, just peaceful, and sovereign. Vision

Academia De Covina, Inc. Center for Early Childhood development Academics and Christian Education is committed to promote a nationalist education based on Christ’s teaching and human values founded on LOVE, JUSTICE, PEACE and TRUTH. In the context of the present situation and in response to the needs of the times, it strives to become a critical and active catalyst of change.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

1.2.1 General Statement of the Problem

How to create a Computerized-Enrollment System for Academia De Covina, Inc.? The school enrollment system seems to be slow and take much effort so what if they didn’t want try the computerized-enrollment system to optimize particular problem involving the school.

1.2.2 Specific Statement of the Problem

How to create an Online Admission Form through web...
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