Enrollment System

Topics: Computer, Computer program, Cultural studies Pages: 4 (1174 words) Published: August 7, 2010
Review of Related Literature and Studies
This chapter places the current study into the context of previous, related research. It consist of both the theoretical and conceptual framework of the present study, the critique of both related studies and literature that are related to the present study, as well as the operational definition of terms that are based on observable characteristics and how it is used in the study. The upper portion of the paradigm (shown on Figure 2.0) clearly illustrates how the existing system will be processed. The materials used in the traditional method, which is a manual way of recording files using the pen, pencils, papers and columnar notebooks serves as the input; and the manager being able to get the incoming files of the clients serves as the output. The lower portion of the paradigm illustrates how the proposed system will be processed. It illustrates the new method of recording files through the use of a computer, which serves as the input; the process is automated and is therefore faster, more efficient and easier to work with. The manager can now get the recorded files faster by inputting the records. Related Literature

This section presents both foreign and local related literatures relevant to the study. This relevance is shown by the proponents in order to give more reason and understanding of the proposition. Tom DeMarco & Tim Lister of Peopleware, 2nd Edition, Dorset

House (1:58) cited that:
"Companies that sensibly manage their investment in people will prosper in the long run" The authors of the book state that if companies manage
investment in people wisely, it will reap the rewards in the future as

the company grows. It will succeed in the long run because the people within the company are the ones contributing to the growth of the company. Thus entails the importance of taking care of the people within the company. Caper Jones of A Practitioners Approach, Fifth Edition (2:114) cited...
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