Enrollment System

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The Acceptability of Holy Cross of Davao College Students:
The New Enrollment System

“Computerized Enrollment System”

The benefits of the computerized enrollment system enables the curriculum staff to keep information about students, courses and tracks, and generate the enrollment list and send messages to the students. It also enables the students to prepare their matrices, sign up for courses, get course and track information and send messages to the curricular officer through the application. The curriculum staff has reviewed the program and thought that it could be used in the real-world environment. But according to some bloggers in the internet, there are some problems that can be experienced in this kind of enrollment process. While a computerized enrollment system is an efficient way of storing and tracking information, there must be sufficient training and testing of the programs to insure their accuracy and increase their reliability and efficiency. This effort should be done by the management of the school to further improve the enrollment system. Enrollment process Far Eastern University according to http://khenly.tumblr.com really affect the students specially when enrollment comes, mainly because of the technical problems inside the offices of the Program heads of every Institute and probably it’s the students mistakes also that varies because most of the students cannot follow instructions when they are enrolling. Based on the bloggers experience enrollment process in FEU really matters a lot because the blogger himself tried enrolling and it took most of his time and that’s the problem. They conducted a study which aims to solve the problems of the enrollment process and that is done by doing consecutive research and asking some relevant questions to the program heads and randomly selected students who have problems with enrollment. These are some of the questions they might ask to their respondents that could help them solve the problem....
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