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Enriching Learning Experience

By Kcaparos1 Mar 21, 2013 255 Words
Karen Michelle E. Caparos

Teaching strategies, learner’s activities and instructional materials really helped in an effective learning process. There are a lot of teaching strategies that caters different kinds of learners and the strategies that will be used vary upon the teacher. Also, there are a lot of activities that a teacher can motivate his/her class to engage into. The instructional materials must be also suited to the activity that will be given.

According to Vygotsky (1981), mental functions are acquired through social relationship; learning takes place when the child interacts with peers and adults in a social setting as they act upon the environment. The facilitator of learning must provide meaningful and interactive activities that allow a child to internalize, exposing them to new situation to actively interact with others, engaging in functional and interesting learning experiences. He should give thinking activities, social functions of reading and writing activities, and communicative functions of language.

Through Vygotsky’s theory, the learning takes place in participating in oral discussion and involving oneself in activities that students will not only learn from the teacher but also learn from the students around them.

Knowledge on the stages of development facilitated learning through giving the appropriate activities to the child/ class. Once the teacher knows how to make the learning process enjoyable and interesting it will never make the learner feel afraid, uneasy, and uncomfortable in the class. Thus, it will be a way in order to produce a healthy and conducive atmosphere for learning.

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