Enquiries and Replies

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Enquiries and Replies
Week 8

Writing an email replying to an enquiry
• Every email that we write should be professional, friendly and polite. • We do this by using clear, plain English.
• When replying to an enquiry, make sure that:
- we provide all the information that the customer needs
- we promote our company and try to win the customer’s business


Read the following email and then read Reply A and Reply B:

Sample A does not attempt to address the client’s particular needs at all and just directs the customer to a brochure.
In fact, you might think that the company sends the same email to answer all enquiries, especially since the email is addressed to ‘Dear Sir’, after Mr Dobson has already given his name.

Sample B makes sure that all the customer’s concerns are addressed, including the budget. Sample B also uses friendly, inviting language, such as, ‘I would be glad to…’ to make the customer feel at ease.

Three-part Structure
When replying to an enquiry, use the three-part structure:
Part 1:   Thank the customer for the enquiry 
Part 2:   Answer all queries put forward by the customer
Part 3:   Close and offer further assistance
The next two slides show a sample enquiry and a sample reply using the three-part structure.

- thanks Mrs Choudry for her
potential business
- promotes his hotel as a good

- confirms that the function
hall is available.
- reply to enquiries one by

- win the customer
- provide contact number
- expressing excitement at the
prospect of hosting the event.


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