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Assignment 1 (Seasons Come to Pass)

Question 1


a b a b c d c d Sestet

e f e f g g In the first section on the poem John Keats is expressing how little time he has left and how he is afraid he wont get the massive amounts of ideas “letters of the alphabet” written down before he dies at his young age.
In the second section he starts with the romantic element of the poem relating to his fiancé and expresses sadness that he wont experience the full power of love and life. Towards the end of the sestet he concludes that everything he has done and will do will fall to nothingness and he will be alone no matter what.
Therefore the sections are life, work and romance, love.

Question 2

The type of affliction shown in the poem include:
The poet has a fear of dying and shows negatively towards writing about death “when I have fears that I might cease to be” he knows he is sick with tuberculosis and that he will die at his young age and he fears he wont do and experience all he could of in a full life time. He wants to express and write as many poems as possible which he describes using the metaphor of “high piled books, in charactry”
He wants to experience love and romance as much as possible with his fiancé “relish in the faery power of unreflecting love” he is expressing sorrow and loneness, and how he will “stand alone” and “nothingness do I sink”

Question 3

The imagery used in the first line is that of a metaphor. The storehouses full grain represents books full of letters. The image of a farm with kilometers of grain to be “harvested” is all of his ideas over flowing the “storehouses”, his mind and he wants to express and put down onto paper in the short time he has left.

Question 4

Keats has personified the night sky and stars as having a face “nights starr’d face” His inevitable demise is contrasted with the infinite starry night sky. He also personifies chance as having a magic hand, which

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