Enlightment , English revolution, Catholic Reformation

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Christianity, Catholic Church Pages: 3 (807 words) Published: November 2, 2014
Reformation on Religion was most important event and cause for others There were many important changes in Europe history during 1500 to 1700. During this period, structure of Europe changed, reformations made, and idea of government appeared. Many important ideas that created modern day Europe and western civilization constructed around this time period. Three given important events , protestant reformation with catholic church division , English civil war with creation of absolutism and scientific revolution, they are all definitely most important 3 events during that period. When I started to think which one I can pick as most important, I decided to look for as cause and result relationship. And I found Protestant reformation and breaking unity of Catholic Church found especially more important. Reason that prepare all other events were actually reformation of Catholic Church. As we know during Middle Ages Europe went dark ages as science. Science in Europe lost connection with Greek and Roman philosophy, and it adopted Christian beliefs as recipe for natural world. It stayed behind east and Islamic civilization. Starting from early 1600s, European scientist scientists started to use scientific method and reasoning and advanced on areas like astronomy philosophy and medicine. Although scientific discoveries became significant component of western culture, those advances have no direct cause on protestant reformation or English civil war. We can mention only two technological advances which have great impact on Europe. Navigation and Printing press. Advancement s on these two area has direct effect on religious reformation and mercantilism. It’s difficult to claim that religious reformations started after philosophical ideas during 1600s and 1700s. In fact religion division and reformation movements were already exist since early 1500s and enlightenment period sparkled by philosophers after 1600. Almost 100yrs before John Locke Pierre Bayle, Voltaire,...
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